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Von: Musical Exchanges  16.03.2011
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No more trawling through dozens of different sites and thousands of paragraphs of text. This is a cutting-edge music industry recruitment tool - and everyone is in the same place!

...Can be used to great effect whatever level you are at - perfect for an absolute beginner, through semi-pro right through to full time touring professional!
...Is cost-effective, innovative, safe, discreet and fast!
like a dating site - it compares profiles and provides match suggestions
...Shortlists those with whom you are most likely to forge a successful alliance
...Compares the most important areas such as genre, skill level, age, rehearsal availability and gig availability - all designed to give you the best possible start
...Allows you to view the applicant's picture library and video library BEFORE one-to-one contact is made
...Provides unlimited picture and video libraries to enhance your ads

Of course you can find  musicians and bands, but you can look here for Managers, promoters, technicians, tutors, sound and lighting engineers, crew, PA, lighting merchandiser, distributor, legal adviser, accountant, artist, designer, website builder and many more!

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