Ray Laser - Convenient, ergonomic, customized

Ray Laser - Convenient, ergonomic, customized von SIEVERTEC GmbH

Von: SIEVERTEC GmbH  08.03.2008
Keywords: Medical Laser Solutions

Ray offers the newest techniques, the most innovative and foremost ergonomic solutions for any user. All these features in a compact, but nonetheless extremely powerful system combine a space-saving and profitable solution with simply fabulous results. Ray’s laser heads can be assembled exactly for the needed pathologies, customizable for any physician’s needs and desires. Later on, a system upgrade can be performed at any time.
We have developed a more effective way of conducting the main dermatological and aesthetic treatments. New modes of laser emission are set, reducing the medical difficulties by almost eliminating all undesired side effects and still increasing the laser’s output. Several applicators have been developed for various pathologies. Ray will actively help you choosing the correct applicator for your treatment, allowing definite wavelength absorption by the skin chromophores and the correct penetration of laser emission into the tissue.A user-friendly interface with a touch-sensitive control allows quick access to significant parameters, performance monitoring and statistics, obtained directly from the patient data base.An access card system protects against unauthorized access and usage or misusage of Ray. Due to the applicator’s advanced energy parameters, it is possible to treat with the maximum diameter of the spot for sufficient effect on deep skin layers and decreasing the treatment duration at the same time without losing the laser’s efficiency.Ray can be moved and transported easily due to his small dimensions.Due to Ray’s small size and his light weight for the base module, but especially of the applicators (only 450 gram), treatment becomes a great pleasure for every physician.Save space and diminish your costs without restricting your possibilities by purchasing only the applicators for the pathologies that are really relevant to you.Upgrade your system any time in the future when needed.Each flash lamp has a lifetime of at least one million pulses.

Keywords: Medical Laser Solutions

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