DHP301 / DHP311 / DPH401

Von: TIG Teltonika International GmbH  12.01.2011
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Teltonika DPH301 is a desktop style GSM mobile phone for home or office use.
The product implements advantages of mobile phone: sending and receiving SMS messages, address book, integrated rechargeable battery. Large LCD display with user friendly menu makes deskphone usage easy. Clearly visible LCD characters allow clear reading of text messages and fast software menu navigation. Illuminated LCD display enables deskphone usage in the darkness.

Teltonika DPH311 has kept all the same features as it predecessor DPH301, however new function has made DPH301 unique and the only one offering Bluetooth® connectivity on the market. DPH301 was developed to satisfy privet user needs at home or remote objects, but DPH301 with it Bluetooth® support made one step forward and now can be best alternative for fixed line at any office.

Teltonika DPH401 offers you high speed Internet connection without any additional equipment (except SIM card, provided from your local operator). Just plug and use your DPH401, Zero CD installation process will perform all automatic steps for you. You wish to make Skype calls? No problem! DPH401 will offer you up to 5.6 Mbps upload speed link for your video calls. Wired headset connection will allow you to have everything in one place at your mobile office: High Speed Internet Connection, Free Hands conversion and all DPH family standard features!

Keywords: DPH301, DPH311, DPH401, Teltonika, Tischtelefon,

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