MultiLabel: multigene cloning and expression in mammalian cells

MultiLabel: multigene cloning and expression in mammalian cells von ATG:biosynthetics GmbH

Von: ATG:biosynthetics GmbH  05.06.2013
Keywords: Heterologe Expression, multigene expression, Mammalian gene expression,

MultiLabel: top-of-the-line multi-protein expression in mammalian cells Culturing cells that have been modified to express foreign genes has become one of the mainstays of functional investigations in cellular physiology and biochemistry and more so in the production of biologically relevant molecules, e.g. amino acids, hormones, etc. Co-expression of proteins in mammalian cells has traditionally relied on co-transfection of vectors carrying one or maybe two gene expression cassettes. It becomes more challenging when you are trying to express three or more proteins. Yet, you often wish or need to simultaneously express a bunch of proteins, e.g. to analyze cellular localization, to study signal pathways in the cells or to reprogram e.g. stem cells to change their developmental fate as a prerequisite for future therapeutic applications in stem-cell therapy. ATG now offers MultiLabel, a suite of vectors designed specifically for multi-protein expression in mammalian cells. You can clone your gene of interest in any of the acceptors and donors and get multi-gene assemblies by recombination. You may express proteins transiently or opt to stably integrate them in the genome. Currently, three acceptor and two donor vectors are available.

Keywords: Heterologe Expression, Mammalian gene expression, multigene expression, Multiprotein expression, Protein Complex Expression,

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