Kontron and JUMPtec Have Been Merged - Merger contract signed

Kontron and JUMPtec Have Been Merged - Merger contract signed von JUMPtec Industrielle Computertechnik AG

Von: JUMPtec Industrielle Computertechnik AG  11.09.2009
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Kontron and JUMPtec Have Been Merged - Merger contract signed / Valuation report of both auditors completed

Following the analyst conference and notary acknowledgement:

Eching near Munich / Deggendorf, 26th of April 2002 - The planned merger of the two embedded computer technology (ECT) companies, the global leader Kontron Embedded Computers AG (Eching near Munich) and JUMPtec Industrielle Computertechnik AG (Deggendorf) is beginning to take concrete form. Both boards of directors informed the public today that the merger contract has been signed. The core item of the agreement being the fixed value market capitalisation ration of 2.04 (Kontron) to 1 (JUMPtec).With regard to the actual number of shares of both companies, this represents a value ratio per share of 1 (Kontron) zu 1.53 (JUMPtec). On this basis, the boards of both companies now suggest to the general shareholder assemblies - which are planned to take place on June 19th for JUMPtec and July 3rd for Kontron - the following exchange ratios: 10 "old" Kontron shares for 11 "new" Kontron shares and 7 JUMPtec shares for 5 new Kontron shares. In addition the JUMPtec shareholders receive a supplementary payment of 0.01739 euros per JUMPtec share in cash, the paid-out total being rounded up to full euro cents.

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