Photovoltaik lease projects Romania - return on capital over 20%

Von: Activity Solar - Solarpark Beteiligung in Rumänien  10.10.2012
Keywords: Photovoltaik, Solaranlagen, Erneuerbare Energien

While in Germany and most European countries, the promotion of photovoltaic systems is systematically reduced, in Romania, there is a strong pent-up demand. The background is that Romania as a European member country by the year 2020 must provide 20% of energy needs from renewable energy sources. Currently the share of renewable energy is just about 8%. As an incentive for investors and provides investment protection as the Romanian government is currently very high remuneration of € 0.362 / kWh. Our Romanian subsidiary activity energie RO s.r.l. provides investors with turnkey PV projects from 2 MW and the opportunity to participate in existing operating companies. The minimum investment is 50 thousand euros for a state guaranteed average return of over 20% per year. If you are interested in investing in Romania, you should act quickly. Currently, investors are coming from around the world in the market. Therefore, the projects are sold out very fast. We will send you the desired project to a detailed exposé.

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