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Von: netage solutions GmbH  11.04.2011
Keywords: Systemintegration

Starting with version 2.6, netage provides boom100, a free license version. boom100 is identical to boom enterprise in all features and software code except the enterprise specific add-ons. It allows users to manage up to 100 objects (servers, desktops, network equipment or devices).
boom enterprise and boom100 are enterprise class systems management solutions that greatly reduce IT management costs and effort, while providing a high degree of peace of mind. With boom, IT management gets a high quality operations management solution with exceptional performance.
For users, who want to go over the 100 managed objects limit, boom100 can be converted to a full-fledged enterprise version with the exchange of the license key file. In an instant, without the loss of any parameters or customizing effort, boom100 can be become limitless.
Based on its high-performance technology, boom100 is perfect for users who want to evaluate and to test enterprise-class systems management or who have a limited requirement to monitor up to 100 servers, desktops, or other devices.
Users can purchase an attractive subscription for a nominal fee. The boom100 subscription includes unlimited e-mail support, access to all forums and documentation, telephone support over a special number, and all boom patches, releases or software upgrades.
Download boom100 and start to use it now, with a free license and no time restrictions.

Keywords: Systemintegration

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