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Von: netage solutions GmbH  15.06.2011
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Alarm Management for Converged Networks
Using Frameworx Interfaces to reduce cost & effort

The catalyst demonstrates a simple alarm interface for monitoring a convergent network. The goal is for leading telecommunication operators to provide a strong message to the industry that standards are now needed.

The TIP-RAM Catalyst project aims at pushing forward standardization by presenting a Simple Alarm Reporting approach based on the TIP Resource Alarm Management (RAM) interface.

The TIP RAM interface is a new Fault Management interface, developed with the TIP Tooling, aligning MTOSI RTM DDP and OSS/J FM API using the best practices of both and augmenting them with some new requirements raised by Service Providers.

The goals of the Catalyst are to:
  • demonstrate a stable, simple subset of the fault management interface – a Simple Alarm Reporting profile capable of collecting alarms from a multi-vendor, fixed-mobile convergent network
  • demonstrate that “simple” can mean: easy to implement, easier to standardize, stable, and enabling richer functionality to be standardized faster
  • show that “plug & play” in an OSS ecosystem is not only a dream
  • pave the way for further standardization by augmenting the Simple Alarm Reporting profile/indicate how to progress towards self-healing network requirements
  • demonstrate that the final goal is to assure good customer experience while keeping network management costs low
The Catalyst project will present a working system integrated by the TIP RAM interface using the Simple Alarm Reporting profile defined in this interface. It is envisioned that this Catalyst be the first step, which should provide “lessons learned” for the industry.

Keywords: IT Beratung, IT Consulting, Software, Softwareberatung, Systemintegration

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