Pallet shipping of oversized goods

Pallet shipping of oversized goods von PalettenVersandPlus

Von: PalettenVersandPlus  25.11.2015
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The company PalettenVersandPlus from Munich offers the transport of goods, also oversizes, on pallets throughout Europe, in Germany up to a length of 6 meters. You want to ship goods, but then you find out that the goods do not fit on the existing euro-pallet or the disposable pallet, because the goods exceed the base area. Do you need a bigger pallet now? Not at all, because with shipping service providers like the Munich-based company PalettenVersandPlus also oversized goods can be transported cheaply and easily. Up to a maximum of 600 x 120 x 220 cm (length / width / height) the piece of cargo can be sent throughout Germany on any kind of pallet. Even within Europe special sizes are possible, however the dimensions 350 x 120 x220 cm (length/width/height) must not be exceeded. The maximum weight per pallet is 1000 kg each. Individual delivery offers Due to the variable dimensions of the cargo, oversize pallet shipment can not be booked directly in the online shop, but all conditions and the respective rates are available on request. Pick up and delivery are possible throughout Europe. However, euro-pallets (120x80cm) can be ordered online in advance and in any quantity. This is also possible for common packaging materials such as various stretch films and bubble wrap. Of course this service is also available to all customers whose cargo is not considered as oversize. PalettenVersandPlus provides shipping in several weight categories, as the shipping costs depend on the weight rather than on the volume. For example, the fixed price for pallet shipping of 500kg cargo throughout Germany is 160 euros gross. Basically included are notification by the shipping company at pick up and delivery as well as a cargo insurance, which can be increased on request. Daily contact available For information or questions transport advisors are available by phone every day 9-22 o´clock on 089 / 95 45 71 87 4, even on Sundays and public holidays. Basic instructions and other offers are available on, the company's website.

Keywords: bulky goods, bulky goods shipping, motor shipping, pallet shipping, shipping company transport,

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Das Münchner Unternehmen PalettenVersandPlus bietet den kostengünstigen Versand von Europaletten und Einwegpaletten mit Beladung in Übergrößen an. Deutschlandweit liegen die maximalen Frachtmaße bei 600 x 120 x 220 cm (L x B x H), europaweit bei 350 x 120 x 220 cm, das Höchstgewicht liegt bei 1000 kg. Preise und Konditionen für Übergrößen Palettenversand gibt es auf Anfrage.