Journeys in Sardinia – Exploration and Self Discovery

Journeys in Sardinia – Exploration and Self Discovery von Sardinienpoint di Loredana Casula

Von: Sardinienpoint di Loredana Casula  13.07.2008
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Gabriele Schiller and Hal Richman have been collaborating and sharing their stories and experiences for five years around one theme – “How do we use the ruggedness, power and magic in Sardinia for working with people who wish to put their lives in balance?” Thanks to the collaboration with Sardinienpoint di Loredana Casula (Sardinian accommodation expert) this dream is now realized and the first Journeys in Sardinia will take place in autumn 2008. Journeys in Sardinia is both relaxing tourism and an opportunity for you to take a fresh perspective and make life re-decisions on tough issues such as relationships, career and work/life balance. You will able to share your stories with like-minded others and experience the magic of a very different and accommodating culture. Time for personal journaling and reflection are built into each day. Rather than a classroom or retreat center, the venues are the seas and mountains of Sardinia with its rich and magical history. We will begin and close each day with a circle, a traditional way of coming together as a community that allows us to present ourselves to each other and share our stories about what we hope to gain and what we have learned. Each day will bring a blend of activities such as sea and mountain excursions, swimming and walks on the beach, life and wellness coaching, as well as informative sessions to introduce tools for areas such as work/life balance that you can take away with you and use at home and at work. If you are interested, please send an Email to we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible

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