Benefit from our monthly report MySnapster!

Von: snapsterTV  13.08.2012
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We supply producers, rights purchasing agents, agencies and international distributors with the broadcasting data of their film products shown on German FreeTV stations. Every day, approximately 50 movie slots are filled by German FreeTV broadcasters. Benefit from our monthly reports! Generate maximum revenues in the large German market! Competitive edge through knowledge: Every year, hundreds of films in a wide variety of genres are produced around the globe. The ability to successfully market such a diverse offering represents a special challenge. Learn more about how your product is used in the German market: Which broadcasters are in the German market? Which broadcasting stations are showing my films? What slots did the broadcaster use, and were the films shown during the prime time period? Knowing which broadcasters prefer your product provides you with an opportunity to offer your films in a targeted manner and with adequate licence prices. Stay a step ahead of the competition and provide your customers with the exact product they are looking for. More sales, more revenues – your success!

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