Advanced Process Materials

Von: ATMI GmbH  24.10.2008
Keywords: Semiconductor Materials, Cleaning Chemicals, CMP Slurries,

ATMI is a leader in creating materials and materials packaging that meet the specific needs of semiconductor and flat panel manufacturers worldwide. Our inventions and solutions are helping to revolutionize these industries. We consistently find new uses for emerging technology, inventing and updating materials and processes to help our customers and partners increase efficiency and productivity by improving yields, reducing costs of ownership, and getting products to market more quickly. We are headquartered in Danbury, CT, more than 800 scientists, technologists, engineers, and other employees in offices and research labs in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Keywords: Cleaning Chemicals, CMP Slurries, Copper Plating, CVD & ALD Precursor, Implant Gases, Semiconductor Materials,

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