(-) ALPHA-BISABOLOL (CAS: 23089-26-1)

Von: ATLÂNTICA Óleos Essenciais Ltda  08.05.2014
Keywords: Kosmetik, Öl, Ätherische Öle

ATLÂNTICA produces natural ALPHA-BISABOLOL from the wood of the candeia tree. The content of Alpha-Bisabolol in the concentrate is 95% - 97%, while camomile extract only contains up to 50% of the essential oil and the synthetic product only contains about 42% of the active laevorotatory isomer. Due to the active ingredient ratio of 2.28:1, L(-)Alpha-Bisabolol provides a decisive economic benefit over the synthetic variant. Due to the well-known anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, granulation promoting and antispasmodic effects of L(-)Alpha-Bisabolol, the product is ideal for use in skin-care, sanitary, personal hygiene as well as pharmaceutical products. CAS-Nr.: 23089-26-1 Description: (R*,R*)-α,4-Dimethyl-α-(4-methyl-3-pentenyl)cyclohex-3-en-1-methanol INCI: Bisabolol CBNumber: CB3699050

Keywords: 23089-26-1, Alpha Bisabolol, Ätherische Öle, Bisabolol, Chemie , Grundstoffe, Kosmetik, Kosmetische Grundstoffe, Öl,

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