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Architektur Interieur Fotografie von bernadette grimmenstein I fotografie

Von: bernadette grimmenstein I fotografie  18.06.2008
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Hamburg [Germany]: Bernadette Grimmenstein has been a specialist in architectural photography for many years, but despite her experience every project remains freshly unique: be it in Hamburg or Cape Town, there are always new challenges to be met. Unusual viewpoints, fine detail and fascinating light play characterises much of her work. Bernadette finds the right moment for the most exciting image wherever she goes; whether that's in the interior of a fabulous luxury yacht, the operating room of a hospital, or the fine-detail of a piece of furniture, her photographs capture a unique essence.Her clients include architects, interior designers, hotel companies, magazines, and many more. Names include the likes of Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau, Heinle Wischer Partner, Interior Design, Schwarzkopf/Henkel, and Tischman Speyer Properties.

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