Hose Length Measuring Device SLM-3

Hose Length Measuring Device SLM-3 von MESSEN NORD GmbH

Von: MESSEN NORD GmbH  24.10.2010
Keywords: Kanaltechnik, Kesselfüllstandsmessung, Schlauchlängenmessgerät,

This hose length measuring device measures
flushing routes relative to an adjustable
starting position as well as measuring daily
distances as a sum of the „forward-flush“
The measuring device functions without the
usual mechanical distance measurement
(friction wheel), and is therefore not subject to
the measuring errors which result from dirt
contamination and slipping.
Based on a calibration done initially by the
setup manufacturer, the microcomputer used
in the device is able to determine the lengths
of the hose which have been reeled off and
reeled up from the movement of the reel. The
sensing of the turning of the reel is done
without contact, which simplifies the integration
of the device in both new installations and as a
The hose length measuring device is installed
in a robust, watertight housing which can upon
request be supplied with a stainless steel sun

Keywords: Kanaltechnik, Kesselfüllstandsmessung, Schlauchlängenmessgerät,

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