Inspection Camera for House Connections

Inspection Camera for House Connections von MESSEN NORD GmbH

Von: MESSEN NORD GmbH  24.10.2010
Keywords: Kanaltechnik, Rohrortung, Rohrkamera

The RTV-COLOR-3 camera system is the
result of our rigorous efforts to supply the
sturdiness, convenience, and optimal
technical parameters our customers want
in an inspection camera.
A 50 m snake with an integrated camera
cable permits the inspection of pipelines
from 70 DN (90° bend) to 350 DN with the
use of the alternative head that is
available as an option.
This unusually large functional range
permits the use of the inspection system,
in combination with the meter counter and
data overlays, for applications beyond the
field of house connections.
The assortment of accessories, with
various sliding sleeves and trolleys
permits the adjustment of the camera to
each different task; a 12V adaptor permits
its operation on a motor vehicle’s onboard
power supply.
Of course, the camera winch can also be
operated with a separate monitor case;
an integrated video recorder is part of the
standard equipment.
Camera module rotates automatically,
giving always upright pictures.

Keywords: Inspektionskamera, Kanaltechnik, Ortungstechnik, Rohrkamera, Rohrortung, Rohrverbindungsprüfung, RTV-COLOR,

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