Shaft inspection camera / Pole camera / Man hole camera

Shaft inspection camera / Pole camera / Man hole camera von MESSEN NORD GmbH

Von: MESSEN NORD GmbH  24.10.2010
Keywords: Kanaltechnik, Rohrkamera, Inspektionskamera

The remote controlled zoom camera STV-2 with
LED-high performance cold spotlights and control
panel serves the assessment and documentation
of the status of sewers, pipes, shafts, manholes,
vessels, inspection points, separators and
collecting tanks without entering.
Images can be stored as video or directly digital
on PC/notebook and inserted into inspection
reports according to DIN EN 13508-2, DIN 1999-
100 or DIN 4040-100.
The integrated measuring laser with a range of
10 m allows measuring the dimensions of tanks.
The pole camera is guided either manually by a
telescopical pole system or via an optional
support. In addition, the camera suspension
allows horizontal rotation to image the shaft
The wide-range zoom objective and special
lighting characteristics allows a zoom in for
assessing the cleanness of the pipelines and
sewers to provide a “Cleaning on demand”.

Keywords: Elektronischer Kanalspiegel, Inspektionskamera, Kanaltechnik, Rohrkamera, Schachtkamera,

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