GATTA-SIM Nanoruler

Von: GATTAquant - DNA Nanotechnologies  25.08.2015
Keywords: Beads, Nanobeads, super-resolution microscopy,

Nanorulers from the GATTA-SIM series are the perfect probes to check the resolution of your SIM system. The Nanorulers carry two fluorescent marks out of dense arrangements of high quantum yield dye molecules. The mark-to-mark distances are available the sizes 120 nm, 140 nm and 160 nm. We offer you each size in the colors red (Atto647N), yellow (Alexa568) or blue (Alexa488). On request we can also design special solutions for your specific requirements. All nanoruler probes will be GATTA-SIM super-resolution picture delivered on a sealed glass slide which you can comfortably put directly on your microscope. for more information about our GATTA-SIM nanorulers just click on the link below, or vist us on

Keywords: Beads, GATTA-SIM, Nanobeads, SIM microscopy, super-resolution imaging, super-resolution microscopy,

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GATTA-STED Nanoruler

The STED method was the first super-resolution microscopy technique and revolutionized the light microscopy. With the nanorulers from the GATTA-STED