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textil / textil design von Ritchie Karkowski

Von: Ritchie Karkowski  15.10.2014
Keywords: Textilien und Bekleidung

https://www.stoffn.de/profil/user/ritchiekarkowski.html Ritchie Karkowski designer & dressmaker handmade Germany hand made designs buy now be creative have fun share it

Keywords: Textilien und Bekleidung

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ritchie karkowski designer & dressmaker stylist & sewing trainer von Ritchie Karkowski Vorschau

ritchie karkowski designer & dressmaker stylist & sewing trainer

for booking, order or questions of products/clothing contact: ritchie karkowski designer & dressmaker stylist & sewing trainer info@ritchiekarkowski.com mobile: germany ( +49 )0178 - 7155042 webpages: www.ritchiekarkowski.com www.ritchiekarkowski.info www.magnoliaa.com Ritchie Karkowski Dressmaker & Designer for music-artists, models, photographs, projects


trainer nähen für priv. und schulen, anfertigung für künstler, tv, medien, projekte

Contact / more about ritchiekarkowski: www.ritchiekarkowski.info


hand made - Behind RitchieKarkowski - www.ritchiekarkowski.info

Valentine items Behind Ritchie Karkowski 2013 January – February Once a year, Every day the 14th, My valentine, Just a sign, Just to say: “ I Love you, remember me, I’m thinking of you, you are mine, it’s greatful to have you,…” Short Sleeves & Long Sleeves Shirts: 69,- Vest Shirt with Cape: 89,- goes to charity for children: 5,- *Price in Euro, excl. postage and packing.