Lika Electronic launches a new range of encoders for wind turbines at Eolica Expo Mediterranean 2011

Lika Electronic launches a new range of encoders for wind turbines at Eolica Expo Mediterranean 2011 von Lika Electronic

Von: Lika Electronic  08.08.2011
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Lika Electronic confirms its continued commitment to developing position measurement & control systems technologically advanced and tailored to solve even the specialised and individual requirements of increasingly fragmented and dynamic markets, offering a new range of linear and rotary encoders specifically designed for installation in safety and feedback control systems of wind turbines. Lika's latest innovative products will be exhibited at ZeroEmission Rome 2011 fair ( in Rome, Italy14th - 16th September. Now in its seventh edition, ZeroEmission Rome is the most important event in Italy and among the main fairs is Europe dedicated to renewable energy, environmental sustainability, the fight against climate changes and emission trading. Lika Electronic will be present in Hall 8 Booth A11 at EOLICA EXPO MEDITERRANEAN (, the thematic event for wind energy organised as a part of ZeroEmission Rome in order to enhance the technology and business relationships between the worldwide manufacturers and parts suppliers of wind turbines. The fair will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the wide range of rotary and linear, optical and magnetic, incremental and absolute singleturn & multiturn encoders that Lika Electronic, thanks to its solid and proven experience in wind power industry both on and offshore, has especially developed to tackle critical tasks and harsh conditions affecting each specific application in wind generators. They do not only encompass high quality, heavy-duty sturdiness, outstanding dependability and absolute safety which are the trademark of Lika Electronic, but also keep up with trends and even anticipate the high-level requirements of a sector where technological advancement is continuously and rapidly evolving.

For blade pitch control systems Lika Electronic offers two distinct solutions, whether a system for adjusting the rotor blades via electrical servomotors or through hydraulic adjustment devices is used. For installation in servomotors Lika Electronic has developed the MH58S absolute magnetic encoder. It can boast 24-bit resolution (12 + 12) and is able to handle extreme environmental conditions providing smooth, efficient and reliable operation and superb signal clarity via the SSI interface and additional incremental output; furthermore when maximum safety is required resolver signals can be sent to the frequency inverter by the integrated resolver. Featuring a rugged housing and revised circuitry, MH58S encoder ensures an IP67-rated protection and unparalleled resistance to large temperature fluctuations (-40°C +85°C). It is installed using special electrically insulated shaft couplings designed to reduce backlash to zero and absorb efficiently shock and vibration impacts; thus it can both withstand superior radial and axial shaft loadings and deal with mechanical tensions. For hydraulic adjustment systems, Lika Electronic offers the SMAG absolute linear encoder. It is a proven, cost-effective and simple magnetic linear measurement system combining a magnetically encoded scale highly immune to dirt, debris and external contaminants with a guided sensor head fitted with encapsulated circuitry. The SMAG non-contact operation and the advanced magnetic technology ensure a steady and reliable functioning even in critical conditions. It is virtually wear & maintenance-free and can boast a maximum operating speed up to 1 m/s and resolutions as high as 5 µm. Unlike sensors integrated into hydraulic actuators, SMAG linear sensor can be easily and quickly installed outside the cylinders using only one screw so allowing for great flexibility, versatility and multiple mounting positions, both in installation and retrofit.

Even for Yaw (Azimuth) control and nacelle position feedback Lika Electronic's engineers got straight into the problems and the result of their skilled and relevant experience is a new series of ultra-compact and ultra-rugged encoders. They fit easily inside the geared limit switch boxes and are able to withstand large temperature ranges as well as high radial and axial shaft loadings; furthermore they provide superb quality and safety and ensure maximum service life and minimum downtimes in continuous operation. HMCT is an absolute optical encoder which can boast 28-bit resolution (16 + 12; 65536 CPR x 4096 turns). It includes improved protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and enhanced communication for subsequent controllers via several interfaces: SSI serial interface with analogue sine/cosine output signals or incremental output; and all-digital BISS interface for both -B and -C protocols for increased operation speeds and bi-directional communication. MI36 and MC37 models -available in both blind hollow and solid shaft versions- feature an advanced magnetic technology integrated into a durable miniaturized housing (external diameter 36-37 mm, IP-67 protection rate), thus they are the perfect solution against extreme conditions such as vibrations, shocks, highest-lowest temperatures. Because of its intrinsic characteristics, also the afore-mentioned MH58S model is ideally suited for installation in Yaw control systems.

Encoders designed for speed and position feedback of generators are at the forefront of technological development. Lika Electronic has placed great emphasis on absolute reliability and profitable efficiency of the measurement system in order to enhance precision and performance and provide smooth, safe, unlimited and low cost operation. C100 and C101 heavy-duty incremental encoders are the boast of the series. They are both equipped with a sturdy and easy-to-install aluminium housing protected with a surface treatment against salt water and corrosion and bearings electrically insulated against damages caused by eddy currents occurring on the shaft (up to 10 kV). They provide a full range of resolutions up to 10000 PPR and safe signal transmission at high counting frequency granted even over long distances up to 300 m via Push-Pull, Line Driver or Lika's proven universal circuit. Operating temperature range is extended between -40°C and +100°C. For maximum safety requirements C101 model is the unrivalled redundant version fitted with galvanically separated double output circuits. Additionally Lika Electronic offers the I11x series heavy-duty incremental encoders with typical “tacho generator” design and electrical connection via swivel terminal blocks. I115 is the standard version encoder, while I116 is the redundant version encompassing two separate encoders in the same still compact housing and independent terminal block connections. They both feature resolutions up to 10000 PPR and Push-Pull, Line Driver and universal output circuits and are designed to cope with extreme environmental conditions and temperature fluctuations (-40°C +100°C) at top-grade functionality.

Finally, to meet the requirements of the most demanding wind generators, Lika Electronic introduces a new safety system devised for controlling the motion of the wind turbine primary shaft, otherwise called slow shaft, in order to detect directly and thus exactly the actual speed and acceleration of the rotor, therefore avoiding indirect measurements which may be wrong in the event of couplings or gearbox malfunctioning. SMRI high-resolution (up to 90000 PPR) magnetic position sensor is mounted on a big diameter ring (up to 600 mm) to detect the speed of the rotor shaft and check for any movement or strain caused by mechanical torsions or tensions on the shaft. SMRI is cost-effective, maintenance-free and highly immune to contaminants, environmental factors and temperature fluctuations; moreover it excels in unparalleled ease of installation and wear-free operation.

On the occasion of EOLICA EXPO MEDITERRANEAN fair, Lika Electronic will also present the new WIND thematic catalogue expressly published to highlight the wide range of solutions for installation in wind turbines. It provides in-depth and extensive product information integrated into colourful and engaging graphics and is available in the three main languages: English, German and Chinese and now also in Italian.

Lika Electronic( stands for encoders and position measuring systems. For thirty years Lika Electronic has been among the benchmarks of its industrial sector, both in Europe and worldwide, by putting forward innovative customer-specific solutions and setting new advanced technology standards in a comprehensive portfolio of products for virtually any application: incremental and absolute, optical and magnetic, rotary and linear encoders, incremental and absolute sensors, magnetic measurement systems, displays, position controllers and positioning units. Besides a daily investment in materials research, electronics improvement and software development, day after day alsoenvironmental values have become an unavoidable commitment in each choice and strategy of the company. For this purpose, even though discretionary, conscious about the importance of the human health and environmental protection and the preservation of natural resources, since 2006 Lika Electronic has decided to fully comply with the directive 2002/95/EC, usually referred to as RoHS; and two years later Lika Electronic has adhered to stringent directive 1907/2006/EC, usually referred to as REACH, banning the chemical substances reported in ECHA's Candidate List. Now Lika Electronic is committed to adopt an environmental management system complying with ISO 14001:2004 requirements in order to promote a responsible environmental policy among employees, suppliers and customers as well. Last but not least, a new real “green” investment for environmental sustainability: Lika Electronic is now equipped with a photovoltaic system consisting of 260 PV modules for a maximum power output of about 65 kW; photovoltaic array completely meets the business requirements and prevents the emission of approximately 40 tonnes of CO per year.

ZeroEmission Rome 2011, Rome Fair Centre, 14-16 September 2011, Hall 8 Booth A11

For further information:

Lika Electronic

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Marco Calabrese

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