Von: Lika Electronic  13.10.2011
Keywords: Meß und Regeltechnik, Automatisierung, Elektromechanische Komponenten und Geräte

To provide reliable motor speed feedback, angular measurement and motion control in both rotary and linear applications in a variety of factory automation installations and even in large-sized shafts and motors, Lika Electronic launches the new SGSM / SGSD series contactless magnetic encoder. Encompassing a proven and outstanding magnetic technology and a versatile smart design in a compact modular unit it features extensive enhancements and increased functions. This incremental modular encoder basically consists of a compact readhead fitted with a single (SGSM version) or double (SGSD redundant version) magnetoresistive sensor and a MRI/72 series magnetic ring. The magnetoresistive sensor and the miniaturized circuitry are fully integrated into a rugged and hermetically encapsulated housing while the robust magnetic ring is suitable for installation even in large-sized shafts because of its 50mm max. bore, 72mm external diameter. The advanced magnetic sensing technology allows for heavy-duty installation and non-contact and frictionless measuring principle. This guarantees steady and reliable operation and affords several functional advantages. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions over a long operating life SGSM / SGSD has a high IP68 protection rate and is unaffected by dirt, debris, moisture, water jets, oil, grease, common chemical agents, the finest of dust particles and eddy currents and thus it is ideally suited to operate in the most aggressive industrial environments and even -for instance- in oil submerged motors of hydraulic power units. The non-contact magnetic technology also provides virtually wear & maintenance-free operation, eliminates interference from machine vibrations, delivers insulation protection against damages caused by eddy currents occurring on the shaft and prevents the mechanical loadings from being transmitted to the sensing system. These features ensure unparalleled reliability over time and longer operating life. Moreover the new encoder from Lika is able to handle high shock and vibration impacts as well as large temperature fluctuations. Designed to make job easier SGSM / SGSD is compact, has a low profile and even better is crescent-shaped; this allows it to fit into equipment with constrained and tight mounting space and guarantees unparalleled quickness and ease of installation. The outstanding magnetic system really provides liberal mounting tolerances and enables a gap between the sensor and the magnetic ring of up to 1,5 mm; while the shape of a crescent is designed to fit perfectly a 72 mm external diameter magnetic ring and that is the key to overcoming the installation problems of the customary linear sensors which need the magnetoresistive sensor to match as exactly as possible the tangent point of the magnetic ring to yield better signal clarity. The versatile design also encompasses two fixing holes on each side of the housing designed to accept cylinder head bolts on one side and countersunk head bolts on the other side. Cylinder head bolts allow a small play useful for centring the sensor; while countersunk head bolts allow an accurate self-centring installation. Designed to improve sensing performance As well as being functional in demanding environments and applications, the SGSM / SGSD modular encoder also offers additional benefits. The new advanced sensor, based on anisotropic magnetoresistive (AMR) effect, produces excellent accuracy and superb signal output clarity. Ideally suited for applications where highly precise motion measurements must be executed in a flexible and cost-effective manner under difficult operating conditions, it features FREE•PITCH technology for automatic adjustment at different pole lengths (50-, 54-, 64-pole magnetic rings) and also automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic offset correction (AOC) functions for better signal quality, minimization of the subdivisional error (SDE) and negligible hysteresis. The sensor generates square wave output signals and additional complementary signals (A, /A, B, /B) and is offered in standard industry either Push-Pull (HTL) 10-30VDC or Line-Driver (TTL) 5VDC output circuits with a resolution up to 4096 information per revolution. The maximum shaft rotational speed is up to 6000 rpm. Designed to ensure the highest safety As stated, for outstanding dependability and absolute safety Lika Electronic offers the SGSM / SGSD incremental magnetic sensor also in redundant version. SGSD version encompasses two separate sensors and independent circuitries, power supply and wiring in the same still compact housing. It ensures the utmost safety in critical applications where failures could lead to unacceptable risks of personal injury, costly machinery damages and burdensome downtimes. Redundant version can be further installed to feed separate signals to independent applications. Designed to provide reliable control in demanding applications Specifically designed to provide accurate position feedback on AC and DC brush-type and brushless (BLDC) motors (up to 50mm-bore shafts), SGSM / SGSD magnetic encoder meets the requirements of a wide range of motion control applications in many industries, including in outdoor and harsh environments. This rugged encoder in fact is hardened to withstand severe working conditions affected by liquids, moisture, oil, extreme temperatures and eddy currents and is thus suited to use in iron and steel mills, cranes, portal cranes and hoists, marine installations, wood, glass, metal & stone working machinery, solar power plants, generators, small wind turbines, among others. The fully encapsulated housing also allows for installation in oil submerged motors of hydraulic power units for all types of hydraulic systems such as passenger and freight elevators, injection moulding machines, auger drives, etc. And despite every indication to the contrary, SGSM / SGSD is ideally suitable also for measuring angular and linear displacements such as -to give just a mere cross-section- overspeed governor and shaft copy in lift installations, forklift trucks, circular saws, lifting platforms, rotary tables, construction equipment, conveying systems in any sector from raw material mining industry to food processing and packaging industry. SGSM / SGSD is CE compliant and fully meets the requirements of RoHS and REACH directives.

Keywords: Automatisierung, Drehgeber, Electronic, Elektromechanische Komponenten und Geräte, Encoder, Encoder Incremental, Lineare Messtechnik, LineareLängenmesssysteme, Magnetische Messsysteme, Meß und Regeltechnik, Messsysteme, Motion Control, Positionierung, Positionsanzeigen, Regelungstechnik, Sensoren, Sensortechnik, Winkelschrittgeber, Winkelsensoren,

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SFP draw-wire encoders gain analogue outputs

Lika Electronic is releasing new SFP series cable-pulling encoders that provide linear position feedback over distances from 300 mm / 11.8” to 2000 mm / 78.7” and analogue outputs now.

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SSI to Profibus IF55 gateway

Connect your Lika SSI encoder to Profibus with the new IF55 gateway. IF55 gateway allows complete integration and full compliance with the Profibus-DP protocol.