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Von: Brau Anlagen  14.04.2016
Keywords: Event Gastronomie, Bier brauen, Braumeister

Equipment for Beer Crafting by Infusion, Model 200 or 300 Capacity up to 200 litres, (or 300) timing control system and automatic temperature for beer crafting development of craft beer. Description: maceration, filtration, and hops boiling is done in a single container, the control is fully automatic, and can be scheduled according to each recipe, the equipment is designed to produce approximately 200 liters, prepares manufacture of multiple styles of crafted beer. Accesories: Lifting hook, carabineers lifting, Cover, Safety bracket, Filter plates in 2 pieces, emptying tap. Heating coils (3 x 3000 watts heating). Adjustable support Wort boiler manufacturing Filling indicator bar Pulley Temperature/timing control panel Pump and wheels.

Keywords: Bier brauen, Bier Selbst Brauen, Brau Technik, Braumeister, Craft Beer, Event Brauerei, Event Gastronomie,

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