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Demontage+ Verladen+Montage+Ersatzteile+Technical Service von InternationalTechnicalService

Von: InternationalTechnicalService  21.12.2010
Keywords: Demontage, Industriemontagen, Papierindustrie


I am a spezialist for assembling and disassembling for paper machinery, ( ECH WILL, Wrapmatik,Pemko..Bielomatik. etc....)

Calculation based on standard condition for disassembling.

The combined daily rate for one specialist

The working time is ten hours per Day.

Blanket amound per Km 
(Standart tools for assembling inclu ).

Not included in above day charge:

Real transport cost, excess weight for tools , hotel incl. al cost,ferry boat

extra travel charges,tickets,car rental, heavy equipment,forklifts,concret work.

Strapping and fixing material for container or truck loading.

Add work for welding and concret jobs.

Keywords: Demontage, Industriemontagen, Papierindustrie

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