Embossing Press for license plates production

Embossing Press for license plates production von EHA-Group

Von: EHA-Group  07.10.2010
Keywords: license plates equipment


The professional concept of our embossing press is the result of many years of experience. The cost-effective embossing press is the solution culminating from robust design together with practice-focused engineering. Our machines are very easy to operate and thus ensure increased cost effectiveness. We offer a multitude of embossing tools as accessories for the press.

The embossing press is used to manufacture motor vehicle license/number plates from pre-produced blank plates, in accordance with DIN 74069.

  • Hydraulic 2-cylinder embossing press 50-70 metric tons
  • Robust welded construction
  • Easy, maintenance-free operation
  • Comes as standard with a low-noise, 400 V electrical motor (or 230 V), 1.5 kW (other electrical fittings and equipment are also possible)
  • Automatic limit switch
  • Plates can be embossed within 3 seconds, using the original EHA embossing tools
  • Dimensions: W/D/H 730 x 730 x 1.800 mm, incl. tool storage shelf
  • Embossing area: 560 x 300 mm
  • Weight: 404 kg
  • Dimensions of attached hinged storage shelf: W/500 mm

Keywords: license plates equipment