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Global Motor are becoming one of the largest suppliers and importers of Chinese road legal quad bikes, child’s quad bikes and mini quad bikes,scooters and jet ski in Europe. Our road legal quad bikes are by far the biggest in demand and we have many available for sale, including 400cc 4x4, We do not stop at quad bikes ATV either! We now import road legal scooters and for the water we have power jet ski. All of the quad bikes, scooters and jet ski on view are in stock, from the child’s quad bike up to the full size road legal quad bikes . With quad biking massively on the increase and the ability to drive a road legal quad on a full car licence makes it a very exciting method of transport, with the option also of taking your new transport off road, quad biking allows you to ride to your venue instead of using a trailer or van, which may be ideal for a mini quad bike but not so easy with a bigger bike.Our scooters are of extremely high quality and are delivered with cetifcate of conformity for the UK.The idea of this website being introduced to the UK is to offer you euro prices in a more expensive sterling economyWe also have an extensive parts department if you require any in the future, Downloads for manuals and will be introducing FAQ area for any questions you may have in the future.We would also like any of your suggestions that you may have. Please forward them to us to help us improve the website and make it an easy , pleasurable, user friendly experience.> For all UK prices and sales, please contact < sales@globalmotor.de Your GLOBAL-TRADE-TEAM Gerne stehen wir Ihnen für Rückfragen zur Verfügung.



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