PET Blowers

Von: SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH  21.05.2014
Keywords: Flasche, Blower, Blowing Haustier

SMF offers two-step technology of plastic bottle production and is a market leading company in PET technology worldwide. Our key competence lies in satisfying all of our customers' technical needs. SMF manufactures linear stretch blow molding machines with the output of up to 12.000 BPH. All the machines have excellent reputation thanks to their reliability, simplicity and high technological level. SMF delivers complete manufacturing solutions including preform design and supply, bottle design, bottle moulds, preform loaders, ready bottle conveyor, air preparation and cooling system. SMF installs blow molding machines worldwide at customer's site and provides full technical after-sales service.

Keywords: Blower, Blowing Haustier, blowing moulding machines, Flasche, moulding machines,

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