PP blower

Von: SMF Maschinenfabrik GmbH  21.05.2014
Keywords: Flasche, Blower, Blowing Haustier

OPTIMA series represent high-performance, fully electric machines for blowing PP bottles. Their construction is based on innovative and proven technologies. The oven unit is characterized by very efficient power utilization suitable for PP preforms. Directly after blowing, bottles are placed by a manipulator in the air conveyor and transported to the filling machine. A toggle closing unit has been applied with an efficient bearing system. The use of servomotors allows closing unit to work smooth and fast. It gives the possibility of optimal and easy control over closing unit in each position. A machine operator can control and adjust speed and power of stretching rods. An automatic central lubrication system enables quick and precise application of lubricant, which reduces machines servicing time to minimum. The OPTIMA machines fully meet the needs of companies that expect high efficiency in continuous production.

Keywords: Blower, Blowing Haustier, Flasche, PET blower, PP blower,

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