Live Interactive Chinese - Speak Chinese Step by Step !

Live Interactive Chinese - Speak Chinese Step by Step ! von aolifo - Chinesisch lernen

Von: aolifo - Chinesisch lernen  28.11.2011
Keywords: Chinesisch Lernen, Chinesische Lehrbücher, Chinesisch Lehrbuch

 Live Interactive Chinese: Each volume of Live Interactive Chinese includes 1 book, 1 DVD, 1CD-Rom (with additional MP3-files) and 1 Audio CD. Live Interactive Chinese employ innovative multimedia techniques to teach Mandarin in a motivating and comprehensive way in the classroom or at home.

• Read through the full colour magazine
• Play through the fun and interactive CD-Rom
• Watch and learn with the DVD
• Listen to the Audio-CD and MP3-files

To connect to Chinese popular culture, Live Interactive Chinese also provides movies, music and song video clips. A wide variety of audio- visual content designed to help beginners learn Chinese step-by-step, perfect for any modern secondary classroom!

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