MontiVision Development Kit Version 3.0

MontiVision Development Kit Version 3.0 von Ing.-Büro Cymontkowski

Von: Ing.-Büro Cymontkowski  05.05.2006
Keywords: Software, Multimedia, Videoüberwachung

MontiVision(r) Development Kit Version 3.0 Easy Image and Video Processing Application Design While the range of applications for image and video processing grows rapidly, the need for simple development environments is more important than ever. Application engineers are asked to implement intelligent video processing functionality without having in depth knowledge of digital video technology. The MontiVision(r) Development Kit was introduced in spring 2003 and rapidly became a widely used tool for the creation of machine vision, surveillance and multimedia solutions. Its native DirectShow(r) (DirectX(r)) design and hardware independent acquisition interface allows fast integration into applications. Most Important Additions in Version 3.0 For details please have a look at Camera Calibration Toolbox Camera Calibration facilitates correction of geometrical distortion, e.g. barrel distortion introduced by wide angle lenses. MV Camera Undistortion enables real-time undistortion of a video stream.Sub-Pixel Accurate Image Gauge In industrial machine vision applications high measurement accuracy is required. MV Gauge provides sub-pixel accurate image gauge functionality for measuring distances, angles and diameters. Seamless Multi File Recording and Playback Video surveillance solutions need to be able to seamlessly record video streams for days. The new MV Multi File Writer and MV Playlist Source couple provide the functionality required to implement long term recording applications.Network (IP) Camera Support Network cameras are becoming more and more in important for use in digital video surveillance. MV IP Camera Source provides access to network cameras sending MJPEG streams or regularly updated JPEG still images.Enhanced Development Environment The graphical development environment, MontiVision(r) Workbench, has been extended by a lot of features helping to decrease the development time: Blob Finder Parameter Training Tool, Configuration Wizard, Favourites List and more. New ActiveX(r) Controls A collection of new controls makes application development even more convenient than before. For example the MV I/O Controls in combination with MV I/O Renderer allow the automatic display of results in the applications user interface. Improved Performance and enhanced Multi Threading The performance of the algorithms was increased by up to 400% using optimized MMX/SSE code depending on the utilized CPU. Multi processor and multi core support was enhanced to optimally use the performance of new CPUs. MontiVision Imaging Technologies MontiVision(r) is a trademark of Engineering Firm Cymontkowski. The company has created image and video processing solutions since 1998 and is one of the leading DirectShow(r) technology providers worldwide. Engineering Firm Cymontkowski develops software for intelligent video surveillance, industrial quality control and high end digital film as well as turnkey Machine Vision solutions to customers all over the world. Further Information: Marc Cymontkowski +49 (0)4332 991425

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