Von: EN MediPart Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH  16.02.2009
Keywords: Krankenhaus

 We have for more then 20 years been involved in production, development of new technologies, compounds and raw materials in order to supply a premium line of surgical and examination gloves.   We have since 2005 with selected partners gone our own way, away from the traditional methods of producing latex and synthetic gloves, setting the priority to supply nothing but the best.   We did set out to develop, what we do expect being the priority in time to come – gloves that works hard and in every bit is dependable, at the same time offering the highest level of comfort and protection.   That's why we created a whole new range of gloves, among others no longer using chlorination that deteriorates the latex, and in developing a new non-chlorinated formulation (Triple-dip technology).   For the synthetics by using a unique, stretchy formulation that fits to your hand, means you'll get a glove that offers all the protection of a synthetic while delivering latex-like comfort and softness.

Keywords: Krankenhaus

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