Foil Covered Keyboard Integrated in a Digital Image Viewing System

Foil Covered Keyboard Integrated in a Digital Image Viewing System von InduKey Keyboard Production GmbH & Co. KG

Von: InduKey Keyboard Production GmbH & Co. KG  22.06.2007
Keywords: Elektrotechnik, Computer Hardware, Tastaturen

So it is necessary to provide a keyboard with a surface which is cleanable and disinfectable and which has a high stability.S-CAPE(r), a German company, integrates keyboards with a polyester frontfoil in its unique and innovative digital image viewing system „S-CAPE(r)/ PLANILUX(r) “. Particularly suitable for this application are the TKS-keyboards of the German keyboard manufacturer InduKey(r). The TKS serie offers a wide product variety. So a TKS keyboard is available as compact version or with integrated trackball or touchpad. As well InduKey(r) provides several mounting types like panel mount, rack mount or basically as desktop version. S-CAPE(r) applies TKS keyboards with polystyrene enclosure. Hereby the preference is focussed on the TKS with integrated touchpad for a precise cursor tracking. Moreover a special TKS model with an antimicrobial surface can be used. This keyboard is known and available as “InduMedical” by InduKey(r). „S-CAPE(r)/PLANILUX(r) image viewing system“ is a new combination of conventional and digital image viewing. It allows the introduction of high IT performance into hygiene sensitive areas. The system for the management of patient image data at clinics and hospitals enables the user to make digitally generated image data available directly and immediately in high quality in several places at the same time. Especially sensitive areas such as operating rooms require special solutions in this regard.

Keywords: Computer Hardware, Cursorsteuerung, Elektrotechnik, Tastaturen,

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